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Display Screen Equipment Training

Very probably all businesses will now be working with DSE in some form or another (the most likely being Visual Display Units (VDU) on computers). The hazards to health are now very well documented with very substantial compensation awards made by the Civil Courts to individuals where the Employee has successfully claimed for Employer negligence.

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations set out the duties on Employers to protect against the risk to the health of Employees operating this type of equipment.

This is a half day course that will satisfy the requirement to provide training as required under the DSE regulations. Typically the course content would include:

  • Basic Introduction to the Law

  • Duties of the Employer and Employee

  • Adopting a Comfortable Work Position (Ergonomics)

  • Training Video on Office Safety

  • Details of the Range of Adjustments with Furniture & Equipment

  • The Need a Working Pattern with Breaks from the Screen

  • Arrangements for Eye and Eyesight Tests

  • Recognising and Reporting Problems

  • Observation and Working Practice (Including Assessment of a Workstation)

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