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Workplace Risk Assessments & Method Statements

The need to carry out risk assessments is well know among business owners and managers, but it is often seen as something of a mystery as to what exactly this involves. There is often no simple answer to the questions that are commonly asked:

  • What do I need to risk assess?

  • Am I qualified to carry out the risk assessment?

  • How do I decide what risks are really important?

  • And what risks can I ignore?

  • What if someone is hurt through a risk I didn't spot?

  • What do I need to do about those that I do find?

SafetyWise can answer all of these questions. We can also make sure the answers are specific to your business. Our advisors and consultants have years of experience in getting to grips with a wide variety of industries (see our front page for a few examples) to understand precisely how things work in the real world, so that we can provide real world solutions.

There is one over-riding thought that occurs to people not familiar with risk assessment done properly, usually along the lines of...

"Risk assessment? That's just a way of 'them' stopping us doing our job, isn't it?"

Done properly, the answer is NO! SafetyWise knows how important to keep your business flowing. After all, where is the sense in stopping our own clients earning money? We work with you to help you get that all important balance right and to answer those questions the right way.

SafetyWise won't just leave it there. We will make sure you and your managers understand what is involved and help you to implement the changes identified as necessary. Every risk assessment is laid out in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly format that removes all the jargon and actually benefits your business.

So if you still have any questions you need a little help answering, get in touch with SafetyWise.

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