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Recognition = repeat business

All premises serving food that have been inspected by the local authorities since 1st January 2006 now have their hygiene rating score made public on the internet. Although this is a rating of the standards of food hygiene and not the quality of the food you produce, the casual observer will be forgiven for linking the two!

This is a copy of the online 3-star certificate awarded (the highest rating available from ELDC) to our own local after our help (click on the picture to zoom in). In a rare quiet moment away from running a successful pub and restaurant, the new proprietors have been kind enough to write us a letter of recommendation.

They are understandably very pleased that the award shows a green arrow pointing up, rather than a red arrow pointing down.

Service Features and Benefits

As a small business ourselves SafetyWise understand the need to keep things simple, so we have developed a three-fold approach.

  • Create a Health and Safety Policy specific to your business, your employees, your premises and your customers (includes a Safety Induction and Training package for new and current employees)

  • Develop Risk Assessments to control the hazards within your business

  • Provide an Appointed (Competent) Person for H&S service with routine inspections, and support and advice ‘on tap’.

SafetyWise can provide any of these services on their own but most of our clients prefer the top-to-bottom approach that ensures you get a consistent, quality service from start to finish. But you need to know that, whoever handles your health and safety matters, you need to have all of the above in place if you are to comply with current legislation.

Contact us NOW to find out how you can get up to speed and start saving money today.

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