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Electrical Portable Appliance Testing

The Health & Safety at Work Act requires the Employer to provide plant, equipment and systems of work that are safe and without risk to the health of employees. This includes the use of portable electrical appliances. The Electricity at Work Regulations requires that electrical equipment be properly maintained and that a competent person carries out electrical maintenance.

SafetyWise can provide your business with a service to inspect and test your portable electrical appliances. You will be provided with a register of the inspection and tests completed and individual appliances will be clearly identified against the Register. Our service to you is very cost effective and in line with current guidance on inspection and test frequency.

It is a common myth that you need to have all your electrical items PAT tested every year. Trust us this is wrong. And if someone selling this service tells you that is the case, they are probably trying to extract more of your money than you really need to part with.

How often you have appliances tested depends on a number of factors...

  • Type of appliance

  • Frequency of use

  • Hand-held or otherwise

  • Used by the public or only by employees

  • Location of the equipment

Working for you

SafetyWise can handle all your electrical portable appliance testing . We will do this to the official industry guidelines, at a time to suit your business. And we can even make minor repairs to cut down on your electricians bill.

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