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Construction Safety Management

The construction site is widely acknowledged as being a hazardous work environment.


The Construction (Design &  Management) Regulations created five appointments associated with the construction sector: the Client, the Designer, the CDM Coordinator and the Principal Contractor and the Contractor.

Each has very specific duties under the Regulations. For the Principal Contractor, among his duties is the requirement to develop the Pre-construction Information into a project-specific safety management document. This is the Construction Phase Plan, intended to detail how the Principal Contractor will manage health and safety on site throughout the construction phase.

A safe construction site is a money-saving construction site

SafetyWise has worked with major clients both in the public and private arena of the construction sector to develop Construction Phase Plans for our clients. We can develop the Safety Plan for your contract. The plan will meet with the requirements established in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP), L144 – Managing Health and Safety In Construction.

Your company may be involved in projects where a number of Employers (Contractors and Others) are working towards a common goal, i.e. the completion of a project. The Project Leader, or the Client (under CDM), or the CDM Coordinator (appointed by the CDM Client) may wish to convene meetings attended by all other duty holders to discuss project safety management, particularly under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations.

SafetyWise can assist in successful project management either directly at the meetings on your behalf or by providing your managers with practical support prior to the Project Meeting. Call us to discuss how we might be able to assist you with those larger projects.

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