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Auditing - the measurement of good health and safety

Having measures in place to deal with health and safety matters is for nought if they are not used. It is a common misconception that all a company needs to get through a random HSE inspection unscathed is to have a policy and some risk assessments. SafetyWise knows from years of experience that inspectors want to see evidence of how things are done - not just the words on paper!

SafetyWise will, at your invitation, examine the systems you are presently operating against current legislation and standards. We will give you a detailed breakdown of the good points and the not-so-good, and there is no scare-mongering here - just the honest facts.

We have yet to audit a business that is doing everything it needs to do but in many cases the delivery of good health and safety can be achieved with a little training, some improvements in keeping records and a bit of employee cooperation. After the audit you are free to make the changes however it suits you without any obligation. Just in case you're not so sure how to make those changes, SafetyWise can help.

If you decide to take us on as your appointed Competent Person you will get, built into your service, an annual audit of your safety management systems. In our experience, clients who take SafetyWise up on this service operate with fewer accidents and lower insurance premiums than those that don't. How's that for incentive?

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